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Welcome to the Hawthorn Foundation!

The Hawthorn Foundation is a Wyoming-based non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of Wyoming residents.  We accomplish this in two distinct ways: first, by fostering the self-sufficiency and educational development of Wyoming citizens through our scholarship and grant programs; and second, by promoting Wyoming’s ecological and environmental health through our conservation and preservation and environmental protection programs.

  • Scholarship Program


    ... to help individuals who have potential — as yet not fully realized because of a variety of life circumstances — to change their lives for the better through education or training.

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  • Helping Hand to “Hired!” Fund

    Helping Hand to "Hired!" Fund

    ... to foster a healthy, self-sufficient population with a reduced reliance on public assistance by helping individuals acquire the tools for better employment.

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  • Conservation & Preservation

    Conservation & Preservation

    ... focusing on the conservation of Wyoming spaces by protecting natural and scenic resources while at the same time preserving the historical and cultural aspects of our lands.

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  • Environmental Protection

    Environmental Protection

    ... supporting broader conservation efforts through grants that encourage development of renewable energy sources and protection of air and water quality.

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