About Us

The Hawthorn Foundation is a new resource for Wyoming people and places.  We are a Wyoming non-profit entity – local people that understand the way Wyoming people think and what they value. Our programs are two-pronged – one side concentrating on encouraging individuals, the other on preserving the natural beauty of Wyoming.  One goal is to assist individuals with the motivation to improve their lives, but who may need a ‘leg up’ to realize their dreams.  We emphasize helping those with a plan, so if you are someone who believes that with a little help you could do great things, we would love to hear from you.  Our ‘green’ goal is to ensure that Wyoming retains its wide open spaces and wildlife.  We offer a conservation easement program (non-tax deductible) to those who want to protect their lands from development and preserve the cultural values, but are worried about losing complete control. We will work to develop a trusting relationship with each of our donors.  We also want to encourage conservation efforts such as recycling, developing renewable energy sources and protection of air and water quality by offering grants for innovative ideas.  Please Contact Us if you still have questions on any of our programs after visiting the individual program pages or our FAQ’s!